About Us

Hello, we are Paul and Caroline, the owners, managers, workers, bottlewashers….. of Echo Nurseries and Woodbridge Ponds.

Echo Nurseries

Echo Nurseries, our wholesale division, was established in 2001. Our greenhouses are located in Abbotsford

The Secret Garden

Tucked in the heart of the Fraser valley, the Secret Garden is a hidden little oasis that is the perfect backdrop for a special event.

The Store

Woodbridge Ponds, featuring water plants, lilies, pond building equipment and maintenance supplies.

"So much more than a hole with water."

Recent Woodbridge News

Recent events and posts from the Woodbridge Blog

Feb 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning

As soon as the Marsh Marigolds in the pond start to poke their sunny little heads out of...

Feb 22, 2012

Shelving The Shelf

One of the most frequent problems in we deal with at our Water Garden Nursery, Woodbridge...

Feb 22, 2012

War on Green Water!

If a customer comes to our Water Plant Nursery with a problem, it’s usually a green...


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May 15, 2013

Mar 1, 2012

Feb 23, 2012

Feb 22, 2012

Feb 20, 2012

Feb 6, 2012

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